Early experience with Feisty Fawn (Ubuntu 7.04)

Angry and disappointed, that was the limited range of emotion I went through when I first installed Feisty Fawn (Ubuntu 7.04). There was so much hype about it before its official launch compounded by the fact that i went looking for the hype in the first place. I downloaded the iso but unfortunately had to wait for a full 48 hours (had to work the weekend) before I could get my hands on it to do anything about it.

After installation, I knew that I was in the red when Fiesty did not automatically pick the correct resolution for my LCD monitor; something that Edgy Eft did right off the bat. When I saw the option for automatically enabling restricted driver for my ATI X550 graphics card in the system administration option I naturally went for it. See I am a sucker for eye candy and cannot live without my wobbly windows. It did jack shit for my graphics card. I was still stuck with an ugly 800 x 600 (I am usually at 1280 x 1024 in my previous installations of Ubuntu) screen resolution and no other options.

I tried tweaking my xorg.conf file and ended up having to reinstall Feisty a total of 7 times seeing that every tweak I made caused x server not to load up. Before long I noticed clumps of hair at my feet and a quick look in the mirror revelaed a chemo-patient wannabe. I decided that I should give it a rest and went back to Edgy in another partition on my hard drive.

3 days later and with time on my idle hands I went in again. This time I followed the link here and I managed to get 3D acceleration going using ‘Method 1 : Install the driver the Ubuntu way’. Celebrations! Next I installed Beryl using the instructions here (following he Beryl setup section under Method 2 : Installing it the hard way). Double celebrations!

On the plus side Feisty recognized my multimedia media needs straight off and pointed me to all the correct codecs. I even got the fonts to look prettier with this link.


After about a week I finally got a working and good looking Linux OS sitting on my screen. And you know what? It was worth all the hair-tearing at the start. My life is complete now. Of course things could change as I get in deeper into Feisty but for now I foresee a bright future.


3 comments on “Early experience with Feisty Fawn (Ubuntu 7.04)

  1. hehe… had the same experience with my xorg.conf dude. this is what i don’t get with a Ubuntu. you can’t seem to edit xorg.conf directly. not without using a tool perhaps. i had to restore it to its original state 3-5 times. (sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg)

    i’ve been, for the almost 7 years using Linux as my primary OS, been using Suse. it’s my first week as a *Ubuntu user. a “debian” environment. i’m a sucker for KDE so i have Kubuntu on my Compaq V3194 laptop. surprisingly i like it very much. not everything works. but i can live with it. i badly miss the hibernate feature. something i have to get working soon. and my built-in card reader too. tsk, tsk, tsk.. . 😀

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