Back from expanding my horizon

1 week seems like a lifetime. Thats how long I was off work and holed up in a hotel in another part of town attending a ‘compulsory'(if I don’t attend I don’t get promoted) professional advancement course. It was nice for the first few days but the novelty wore off quickly and soon after it became an endless stream of mind-numbing lectures interspersed with the odd how-to-be-a-great-leader videos.

The good part was meeting up with some old friends and also making some new ones. The group that I ended up with for the obligatory team-building activities was both easy going and friendly. Everyone was respectful of each other and things went on swimmingly. In fact  I was struck by how easy it was with this group of strangers. There is hope yet for people in my profession!

Things culminated this morning with a session on public-speaking. All participants were made to stand up in front of the group and talk for 10 minutes on a topic of their choice. The initial awkwardness quickly melted away and soon the room was filled with talk on bioterrorism, tourism, smiling, sharing, global warming, Germany, fine arts, the history of cellular phones and the camera, getting a stroke, looking for the perfect bride etc. Everyone had great fun and I dare say it was the best part of the whole course.

It left me with a sweet aftertaste and at the end of the day I get a pay rise. Whats there to complain? Nothing actually.


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