Good conversation – RIP

I was having dinner at an upscale establishment last night as a part of my monthly ‘pamper-self-once-a-month’ campaign. I couldn’t help over hearing the conversation between a couple just behind me. The woman was on a roll while the man just nodded sagely no doubt bored out of his head and going through mentally the myriad ways he would employ to shut her face up. See, she was rattling on about work in a slow but steady tone listing down the different nationalities of her colleagues in the office. There’s French, Indonesian, African, Indian, Bangladeshi etc etc. She went on in this vein for a good 5 minutes. Yes we get the message; you work with people from many different countries but do you have to enumerate each and every one?!

After taking a sip of her tea, she went on in great detail about the various job description of each one of them while I mentally looked for a shiny fork to poke her eyes out. Good conversation is as dead as disco.


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