Blogger vs. WordPress


The bottomline is this; default blogger templates are just plain ugly. The people who rustle them up are either lobotomised at birth or severely deprived of oxygen for many years. The one that I have on is in my opinion the least ugly of the lot but it still leaves a lot to be desired. WordPress templates on the other hand, are the pretty cousins to those on blogger. Pretty but dumb as mud planks. No 3rd party scripts, no customized widgets. Take it or leave it, freeloader!!

And there lies the crux of the matter. No money no honey, baby! Free blogger accounts are hip to all the latest whistles and bells (aka highly configurable) but as ugly as the bespectacled nerd at school. There goes the most popular guy in school (aka wordpress) but alas he is shallow as a puddle of rain water. What is an earnest blogger who wants to balance aesthetics and functionality and save some money at the same time to do? Sit your ass down and learn does pesky xhtml and css tags in a hurry!


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