Change is over-rated

Its been too long. Somehow got caught up in real life a bit too much to have time to blog about…err…real life. Writers’ block is real and it hangs over me like a ratty curtain. Back to normal programming then.

A few years ago i had a conversation with a close friend and in the course of shooting the breeze he said that he was feeling very restless and felt strongly that he needed a change of environment. A short time later he actually uprooted himself and left for foreign pastures. You will never catch me saying or doing anything like that, not in a million years. Not if hell freezes over.

Why? I live for the stability of my immediate environs. Every time I change, I die a little. I worry that if I change too much there would be nothing left of me in this life. Some may argue that change signifies growth. That’s well and good but who wants to grow up anyways?


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