Machine Love

There is something about an iPod that just feels right. Its deceivingly simple in design but if there is an embodiment of the x-factor, this little gadget is it. Its no thicker than a deck of cards and weighs slightly more. The 2 external movable parts it has (ie the click wheel and the ‘hold’ button) fits right in to make a solid whole.

In the center is the wheel which many have tried to copy but the pale imitations have never amounted to much. Its genius the way the wheel creates both a tactile and auditory sensation when you run your finger around it in the course of selecting the items in the menu. The feeling is indescribable; you just have to touch it yourself to fully appreciate the ingenuity of design.

My iPod is white although the black version has its legions of fans. The merits of both colors have been the subject of flame wars online largely among people with unhealthy amounts of time. In a fit of trendiness I decided that my iPod must match my all-white iBook laptop. Irrational but undeniable.

The surfaces have a slick finish whether you are talking about the chrome bottom or the plastic top. Its propensity to pick up fingerprints and scratches is the trade off for the metallic smooth feel. A dab of Brasso has always worked wonders for my little friend. I sometimes find myself unknowingly running my fingers along the sides; enjoying the sensation a bit too much to be healthy.

Yes, I am a fanboy. So sue me!


3 comments on “Machine Love

  1. If this is your not-so-subtle hint for us to get you one of those gadgets as a present, you can very well forget about it.

    Happy CNY!

  2. i was actually in the throes of iPod love, my own iPod that is. i have had 3 of these things already and absolutely love all 3 of them although i wouldn’t mind another one….hint, hint, wink, wink….

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