The Man

Its only right that nature tied child-birth and child bearing to the woman. Its against every instinct in the male genome to actually provide care of any sort to the young. I am not saying that it cannot be done but that its just unnatural, a travesty of human existence.

I am at the airport now and just saw a family with 2 kids. The husband has planted his posterior resolutely onto a chair and his wife is frantically calling out to her missing child. The little rascal has apparently tottered off to god knows where. She is practically hoarse now and all her mate can do is shout at her for not taking better care of their children, all done from the comfort of his chair. The offender is finally found and the man goes back to picking his nose.

This man is the perfect poster boy for a nationwide vasectomy campaign.


2 comments on “The Man

  1. So who is worse? The man for being a sorry excuse of a human being, or the woman, for being stupid and still sticking on to the SEOAHB?

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