cool air

The man on the sidewalk has resurfaced! Due to the exceptionally hot weather, he has taken to sleeping in an air-conned environment. A nearby bank has an after-hours banking alcove where there is a row of ATMs and cheque-deposit machines. In the space between the last machine and the wall, a pair of legs stick out. The cardboard that he previously used to sleep on is now on top as a blanket.

To the people that go in to withdraw cash, he does not exist. Everyone musters an extra ounce of concentration and hunkers down for the task at hand. There is an invisible wall that separates them from him and its impenetrable. To his credit, the man is considerate and stays out of the way. All he wants is his forty winks and the last thing he needs is trouble. Thus the wheels of the world turn and the status quo is maintained.


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