at the car wash

Ever had the visual sensation that you are being swallowed whole by a pre-historic giant creature of a science-defying species? Forget about Disneyland (we can scarce afford it anyway). Pay a few measly dollars, drive into the mechanical maws of the local car wash and still your beating heart.

First water is spouted from every direction. Foam covers your car, the salivations of the beast to moisten and juice up the meat. Seconds later there is a lot of rumbling and whooshing like air from a growling stomach. Green giant brushes appear from the sides and the top, inching closer with each passing second. I swear I can hear chomping teeth. The brushes make contact and you start to tremble.

The foam is washed away in waves and finally you can see. Air is blasted against you as if after being partially digested, you are now expelled through the back passages of the beast. A green light indicates that your ordeal is over and being thus humbled you drive out, thanking your lucky stars that you lived to tell the tale.


3 comments on “at the car wash

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  2. What vivid imagination you have! And quite visceral at that. I mean, the first time through can be a little unnerving but you deserve an award for coming up with this.

  3. hk, some people will beg to differ. they may think that my elevator does not go all the way up! different strokes, i guess. thanks for the encouragement. i will continue to ‘shock and awe’! 🙂

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