blame mother earth

Well the dateline has come and gone and we are still struggling in snail-paced internet limbo. A day after the Taiwan quake happened we were informed that several ships were on the way to repair the damaged underwater cables which linked major parts of Asia to the rest of the world. A few days later news started appearing that one of the ships broke down and needed repairs itself. Then we were given a deadline of January 23rd for all services to resume. Many eagerly awaited the date only to be disappointed including myself when coming home after work on the 23rd I found that my connection was even worse than what it was a few days prior. A new date has been announced – 29th of January. Dare we dream?

For a long time now my local internet provider has been throttling p2p and torrent traffic. Maybe this time they have found the perfect excuse to completely eradicate high bandwidth usage by customers who pay a premium for broadband. After all broadband should just be used for emails and web surfing, right? Heavens forbid you should use it for anything else.

Irate customer : “Hello, I am calling to lodge a complaint about my slow connection when I am using bittorrent”

Call center : “So sorry the earthquake did it and we are not responsible. Good-bye and have a nice day.”


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