5 minutes to midnight

Came home to news that mankind is just 5 minutes away from doomsday. The doomsday clock which has been in existence since the mid 40’s was pushed 2 minutes forward and now stands at 5 minutes before midnight. The clock is a symbol of how close we are to total meltdown and annihilation as a species.

More interestingly (as if total destruction is any less interesting) browsing the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, there is a timeline of events that propelled the minute hand closer to 12 and those that reversed the progress. Reading between the lines there are certain notable examples of nations who have repeatedly lied to the global community about disarmament only to scale up their nuclear aspirations a few years later. There is an obvious trend and I will leave it to the readers to discern for themselves.

As matters stand, we are all going to hell in a bus with no brakes. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Stop and look at the big picture. Time is running out.


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