family guy

never realized my potential for disruption. it started out as a simple statement of me not having breakfast yet. my friend and his wife decided that we must partake in the most important meal of the day together. the shit storm started that very instant. they had to put on the diapers for their new born and 2 year old boy. the latter decided to throw a temper tantrum right there and the father had to spend a good 15 minutes tussling with him. diapers were on and then yanked off just as quickly by naughty little fingers. eyes became red and inflamed. whining and sobbing filled the house. fingers and thighs were rapped which led to more mewling. after a while the small one decided to join in. the whole crying and screaming mass was bundled into the car and off we went.

upon arrival at the eatery, the 2 year old couldn’t wait to explore his surroundings and the young parents had to take turns running after him. finishing breakfast as quickly as possible, the children were again put into the car and transported back pronto. more screaming ensued. as i drove away i saw the family in my rear view mirror standing in a huddle around the gate struggling with the lock. i rejoiced in the boxed-in silence of my car.


5 comments on “family guy

  1. ack. puts one off having kids wot? to a lot of my cousins & friends’ kids i am their uncle rayray and i love them to bits but everytime their parents ask me about having my own… i just point out that i take whole days to recover from the trauma of encounter with the little ones…

  2. Yeah…which is why having kids is no longer an option after 30. You no longer have the energy to deal with the lil’ devils

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