the new guy

‘how was your first day at work?’ i hope that there is someone out there who care enough to ask that of me. well you know me well enough to know that i will tell you any ways.

hungry and tired. work was especially heavy today most likely due to the backlog over the long holidays. worked right through lunch with no food or water. finished everything at 5 pm and made a beeline for the cafeteria for a very belated lunch of buns and soda. good way to shed some weight. all day people were giving me sideway glances usually reserved for the ‘new guy’. guess they were all ‘new guy’s in the past and are exacting their revenge. no matter. like water off the back of a duck.

tomorrow’s another day and i hope to live through it. wish me luck!


One comment on “the new guy

  1. well, well, I am sure you will go through this tough time well, with all my hard training on you….I know you will excell in your work and duty!!

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