disclaimer : for all those who are in the habit of shooting down show-offs and arrogant bastards blowing their own trumpets, proceed with extra caution. really. don’t say i did not warn you.

i am putting this up purely for the novelty of it. i am and never will be under the illusion that i have a popular blog that millions around the world flock to daily for pearls of wisdom. this was never the intention of this blog and never will be. it is done purely in the spirit of experimentation and mostly fun. for people who measure the worth of a blog by how much moolah it garners, as of today my total earnings from google adsense is a resounding zilch . i signed up for it under the influence but thats another story.

all these makes it even more implausible when i keyed in the words ‘days of our life’ in yahoo search and the blog that you are reading came out 4th from a total number of 344, 000, 000 sites that has a reference to the phrase. i do not know how these search engines work but there you have it. the little cogwheels of the universe never fail to amaze me.


8 comments on “#4

  1. Hi! Just found out about your blog. Great writing. Keep those posts coming. As for me, I will be reading back your old posts. One more blog to add to my addiction. šŸ™‚

    All the best in your new place.

  2. And congrats on your #4 position in yahoo. After being so overworked, you still have time to do a search on your own blog. šŸ˜‰

  3. How did I come by your blog?
    By subscribing to a certain news package. šŸ˜‰ (Somebody is going to ‘kill’ me for saying this.)

    And certainly not thru yahoo as tare(@.@) said.

  4. You told me about “ong boh niao niao”, remember? I google that and voila here I am. Haha! So much for telling me that I’ll NEVER find your blog šŸ˜›

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