in the city

i am in like flint! just got into kuala lumpur. decided to come a day earlier so that i have one extra day to explore before reporting for official duty on wednesday. you cannot dream of the amount of cables and wires that come with a desktop pc and all its peripheries (eg. modem, wifi router, speakers etc). anyways got everything setup now and ready to go. the drive was surprisingly stress free without the usual post-holiday mad rush back into the city. i pity all the suckers who have decided to make the pilgrimage back tomorrow.

my current situation reminds me of the childhood story of the town mouse and the country mouse. the country mouse decides one day to visit his cousin who lives in a big city full of bright lights and fancy things. during his stay he is accosted by big ferocious dogs, frightening lawn mowers and other modern monstrosities. at the end of the day he has had enough and runs back to his idyllic life in the sedate but peaceful countryside. in my case i don’t have a choice and will have to stick it out here as long as it takes, lawn mowers and all.


One comment on “in the city

  1. Hope you settle down without too much grief. As for me, decided to reward myself with what I was deprived of (thanks to you-know-who.) Happy New Year.

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