i am a 100 posts old

my 100th post! and i am doing it in a starbucks. late yesterday afternoon my internet connection at home gave up the ghost and a small part of my world died. called up my internet provider and they told me that due to the new year weekend nobody would be working on my problem. do technicians deserve days off? i guess they do.

anyways my big move is just 18 hours away. plan to start the 4 hour drive tomorrow morning if nothing crops up. finally packed all my personal effects this morning within an hour. must be a record of sorts. somebody notify the malaysian guinness! i might get my 15 minutes of fame yet in between the biggest mooncake and the tallest flagpost.

for the last few days i have been amazed at my calm in the face of the imminent change. my coping mechanism has been impeccable and i even find myself sleeping better than ever before. oh well, only time will tell. the human spirit is well known for its resilience. lets hope this one holds up as well. happy new year people!


2 comments on “i am a 100 posts old

  1. thanks man! just got in and just set up my internet connection here. bloody slow connection here. worse than my penang connection. oh no! my first comparison to penang. help!

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