an explanation

A few fellow bloggers have recently pointed out to me that I have too long a list of labels. This confirms my own suspicion which has been plaguing me for the longest time. Hence I have decided to do away with the list. You can still see the labels at the end of each entry where they are tucked away unobtrusively. Click on any of them and you will be miraculously transported to similar posts. For the more adventurous, you can expand the monthly archives and scan through the entries one by one. This is tedious but who knows? You may find something that you like. This suggestion stems from the fact that I blog about anything and everything.

I have elected only to present the reader with 10 posts per page and as a result he or she might not find anything of particular interest and move on. Even if I put 20 posts per page, they may not represent all the subject matters that I write about. I am just a few posts away from the big 100 and hence there are a lot to go through should you choose to. I want to thank every single soul that has clapped eyes on this blog and hope that in some small way I have managed to ‘productively’ while away a few minutes of your life.


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