i know what you did last christmas

if you think the recent entry about my holidays in cameron highlands sounded a bit insipid, i would totally agree. thats what holidays do to me. being pulled out of my natural environment and pace i become a bunny frozen in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle. strange sights, smells, temperature and beds all conspire to pull the rug from under my senses.

in my own defense, things did really go down the way i described them. the car did not skid off the road into a ravine where we were left stranded for days subsisting on the surrounding foliage. we were not accosted by a group of bandits from whom we managed to escape using our wits and macgyver-like mechanical ingenuity. our hotel weren’t the target of alien abductions and we were not anal-probed in a spaceship. the only thing that happened was real life.


8 comments on “i know what you did last christmas

  1. doink, sorry about the long list of labels. actually i am looking for a way to categorize the labels. wonder if you know. i am under the impression that the more descriptive the labels the easier for the search engines to find me.

    sk, thanks for the compliments. i have added your link to my blog. hope you do the same for me.

  2. I thought that was a charming way to spend the Christmas holiday. Revelers in the streets! And I thought Cameron Highlands was just a sleepy place.

    I have made the trip up to Cameron at least once a year for the last seven years. I love the challenge of the roads there. Was planning to go this morning, to buy flowers for a friend’s wedding tomorrow, but am still sore from last night so I cancelled the trip.

    After your post I’m beginning to have second thoughts. I am missing that old town.

  3. By the way, re: labels. I just recently converted my blog to the new blogger and am thinking about the best way to organize my labels too, so I’d like to share my thoughts by way of a discussion.

    I think that the labels should be a way for you to organize your posts for your readers instead of the search engine i.e. as a table of chapters rather than an index. Since they also give a general idea of how much a certain topic interests you–hence innovations like tag-clouds–they also serve to give a general impression of the blog’s contents.

    Generally speaking, a search engine just indexes all the words in the site, and labels or tags help *some* search engines to categorize posts into general subjects.

    IMHO, if you write, say, a political post, the label is of course “Politics”. Perhaps you’d like to be more specific, as you are doing now, then (since Blogger doesn’t do subcategories) you can label the post “Politics: Middle-East”, or “Politics: Corrupt Leaders”, “Politics: Countries at War” etc. and they will all then *should* line up neatly on your sidebar and readers who are interested in the particular subjects can quickly view your posts. And say if you want to make a list of all the corrupt politicians you have written about, a label called “Politics: Corrupt Leaders (Index)” would be helpful on the post with the list.

    It’s a bit touch and go as to how far you want to abstract the labels, but there’s also the function of labels at the bottom part of the post which stands for related posts… e.g. ‘more posts about label:”Harry Potter”‘ and here I think it can be better to be more specific.

    Your call.

  4. thanks madcap for sharin your thoughts on the labels. you may have something there. actually for the past few days have been paying close attention to other blogs’ labels. hardly anyone has as much labels as i do. trying to cut back now. will employ your method. cheers!

  5. i agree with madcap.

    speaking from a reader point of view, i think it’s rather “unfriendly” to double label your post.

    I know its a challenge to decide on the post label but it’ll sure ease the reading. 😉

    For instance, if my readers only like to read poems, a simple click on the label will list out all my entries.

    good luck with the sorting ! 😉

  6. I tested the label features to see how they work with feed readers tonight (I am testing with Google Reader and also Sharpreader)

    Sharpreader’s pretty nifty!

    I think it’s worth also to consider how users would want to subscribe to an rss feed for a specific label.

    You’ll notice that you can also subscribe to comments now, and after some mucking about I discovered that you can subscribe to all comments through this url: http://blogname.blogspot.com/feeds/comments/default

    I will be implementing these in my blog soon, although slowly. Will appreciate some feedback.

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