time person of the year 2006

i have to admit that the only occasion that i ever read ‘time’ magazine is when it is lying on someone else’s coffee table or in waiting rooms. today i actually bought an issue with hard earned cash. reports on the cover story of the 25th december issue started appearing as early as last week in the newspaper. ‘you’ are the time person of the year 2006. ‘you’ as in bloggers, vloggers, ‘digg’-ers, ‘youtube’-rs etc. for the first time in history the masses are deciding on what news we want to read, what videos we want to watch and what thoughts and ideas should be out there on the web. we are privy to the lives of not only your immediate neighbors but of persons half way around the globe. they are only as far as the distance between your finger and the mouse. go on, take your place amongst the likes of adolf hitler, joseph stalin and gandhi. a clever marketing ploy or an intelligent finger on the pulse? you decide. the revenge of the nerds have really started.


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