i just called to say i love you

stevie wonder, so much to answer for. i remember a scene from one of my fave movies ‘high fidelity‘ starring john cusack and jack black as hipper-than-thou indie music aficionados running a small-time record store. one day a middle-aged nondescript man walks into the store and asks black if they have stevie wonder’s eternally cringeworthy ditty on single which he would like to purchase for his daughter. with contempt in his eyes, black replies, ‘why? is she in a coma?’ he then proceeds to chase the man away.

yes, you would have to be in a vegetative state to squeeze any modicum of artistic worth out of this dullard of a song. unfortunately for me i was in no way close to being in a coma this morning and when this aural turd floated out of my sister’s room, i went into a paroxysm of revulsion. i would rather watch cannibals chew the toes off a barbecued relative than endure the affront to the senses accorded by this piece of sonic lemon. how such a travesty gained so much popularity is beyond me. it speaks of a dangerous laziness in the music buying public, a dependence on easy listening. a lot of people will say that its just entertainment. i agree but entertainment should be done responsibly with a respect for the target audience’s intelligence. stevie wonder had just slapped it across the cheek and called it a whore. merry christmas everyone.


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