my best enemies

just finished a farewell dinner in my honour with colleagues. a fun time, i trust, was had by all. still in a stupor over my transfer to kuala lumpur and don’t know what i should be feeling. i have not packed a single item and don’t have the slightest inclination to do so. i guess its true what people say about resistance to change, the fear of the unknown and all that stuff.

i have worked in my present position for 9 long years and it has become a part of my genetic makeup. there were a lot of of joy and sadness, disappointments and successes. the single most important aspect of it are the people; not only friends but enemies. i have my share of the latter and i think they are equally relevant if not more so than the former.

they are the antithesis of people that i care about and who care about me. without them i wouldn’t know who my friends are. without them i would not be able to appreciate the kindness and generosity of those who always support me. my friends will know who they are but for my enemies i thank you. you are the greatest! may your lives be filled with joy now that i am out of your sight.


4 comments on “my best enemies

  1. You can hardly find friends among colleagues. I emphatize with you. Been there, done that. =)

    I like your blog content; rather questioning nature, my style of writing. I’ll be back for more.

    Wanna link exchange ? Yours is in mine.

    Just me,

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