things we do for self-preservation

1. you get up from bed and go to work everyday except for sundays – so that you can put food on the table and sustain your’s and your family’s lives

2. you kowtow to your boss – so that you still have a job to put food on the table

3. you obey traffic rules while driving – so that you do not end up as roadkill

4. you care for your wife – so that she is willing to procreate with you and continue the human lineage

5. you provide education for your children – so that hopefully they will be gainfully employed and financially capable to provide for you when you stop making a living

6. on your deathbed you struggle for the last few breath in a futile attempt to milk life for whatever its worth in the face of the inevitable

7. in short every damn thing that you do you do to avoid ending your life prematurely and even when it is limping painfully on its last legs.


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