free music

they may not be to everybody’s taste (but which band that matters actually caters to everybody‘s taste anyway) but it makes for interesting party conversation at the very least. 50footwave is the side project of evergreen indie rock priestess kristin hersh. she burst onto the generation x music scene of the 80’s fronting the band throwing muses. coupled with an edgy and off-kilter stage persona, the music that they made punched big gapping holes in the rock establishment. seen as contemporaries to critic darlings the pixies, they undeservedly petered out while their fellow bostonians were feted by the likes of david bowie.

throughout the years they have amassed a venerable backcatalog of uncompromising music that a lot of bands can only dream about. hersh also has a healthy solo career releasing albums after albums to an adoring and rabid fanbase. perhaps hungering for the chance to trade guitar licks and raise some hell again, she formed 50footwave whose sound is even tougher then throwing muses if that is at all possible.

the reason behind this reassessment of a much beloved band is the release of an ep of 5 songs called ‘free music’. they do not minch words. these songs are available for download here and they are free. yes, thats free as in air. lest you should think that these are probably substandard studio throwaways that never made the cut to their proper releases, think again. they are full-fledged rock classics done the way only hersh knows how to. the songs are also free to burn to cd’s, distribute, put on torrent sites etc. you know you know you want it!

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