thoroughly modern

came across a side-splitting sight this morning while out for breakfast. this was one occasion when i literally kicked myself for not having invested in a digicam. a woman likely to be in her 60’s got out of her car and started wobbling unsteadily on the road. for a second i worried that she may be in the throes of developing a stroke or fitting uncontrollably. besides dangerous medical conditions it also occurred to me that northern malaysia has finally been declared earthquake country or perhaps she had has a bit too much to drink the night before. moments later i managed to pinpoint the problem. she saw fit to put on her young and no doubt very hot daugther’s high heels this morning.

they were completely white in color and painfully trendy. what distinguished them though were the 4-inch-heels that this senior citizen saw fit to perch herself on. to her credit she persisted on across the thankfully empty road all the time calling on her superhuman ability to stay erect. you go girl!!


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