she’s lost control again

what makes a control freak tick? are they over compensating for some basic flaw in their genetic makeup? a lot of times the argument about these types of individuals concentrate on the aggressor but spare a thought for the victims of this systematic emasculation of mental and spiritual wellbeing.

there are varying degrees of damage done to the victims and it increases exponentially with the duration of abuse. imagine living with such a freak and having to be subjected to the humiliation day in and day out. the victim becomes burdened by an exaggerated sense of worthlessness bordering on abject hopelessness. if long enough the person will begin to think that his/her failures are of their own doing and that he/she is just born stupid. little do they realize that they have very little to do with all of it and that all their faults lies fully in the freak they are living with.

there is no opportunity to think for themselves and to make decision that they can be happy with. every action and thought is governed wholly by the aggressor and to think other wise is never an option. after a while the victims becomes stunned into a kind of inertia, the spirit dwindling. what is left is an empty shell of a human being, a husk.


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