an apology

to all the people who clicked on the link to my last post in the penang bloggers aggregator, i am so sorry. i deleted the post only after it was picked up. i was actually browsing when this story caught my attention. apparently james kim, his wife and 2 daughters took a road trip to seattle from san francisco and never came back. a missing person report has already been filed with the police but as of yet no news.

in case you read the first few lines of the post on penang bloggers, let me explain.
james kim used to have a semi regular segment on ‘screensavers’ via the techtv channel. i have always enjoyed his asian presence amidst all the other guys like leo laporte and patrick norton. i really hope that he and his family is in good health.

the reason i deleted the post was because i expected something in it which didn’t work. i recently installed a blogging add on for firefox called performancing and i used it to blog on the story hoping that there would be a link back to the original article but nothing happened even after filling in the trackback urls menu.

i then tried to use the ‘blog it’ option in itself but got an error message, something about ‘unable to open socket’. i have already keyed in all the necessary information in digg including my beta blogger password and user id. i hope someone can give me some pointers by commenting. thanks in advance and sorry for the booboo.


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