my left foot

this is my second day of being stranded at home. two mornings ago i woke up to find a throbbing pain in my left foot but i steeled myself and went to work anyway, thinking that it would go away. at the end of the day my foot had swollen up like an over ripe mango and could not bear weight at all without generating a crippling pain. matters got worse after a good night’s rest. my foot is now red and more swollen. went to the doctors today and they did an xray and an ultrasound of my foot. no fractures but the soft tissue was all swollen compared to the other foot. was given a course of antibiotics and some anti-inflammatory medications.

at home i have started using my dad’s walking cane that he had refused to use out of embarrassment. gosh even my 69 year old dad looks steadier than me! i am going stir-crazy at home. i must have gone through like 10 sudoku puzzles today. maybe today i will finish kiran desai’s ‘the inheritance of loss’. lately i have left a lot of books unfinished but this one i am determined to complete. its a challenge for me (no disrespect to ms. desai who writes beautifully by the way).


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