a novel way to commit suicide

in ‘million dollar baby‘ hilary swank’s character bit her own tongue in a bid to commit suicide. my initial reaction was one of deep repulsion and horror. but when i analyzed the circumstances it made perfect sense. here she is hooked up to a life support machine and paralsyed from the neck down. she has come to realise that she has had her one big shot at life. with the help of her trainer she has risen above and beyond, via boxing, her dead end life and a family who thinks nothing of her. she has had that one precious chance to do what few others have done and what many will never get to do.

seeing that her request for her trainer (an aging clint eastwood) to help her pull the plug is tearing the latter apart, she decides to take matters into her own hands. losing the use of her limbs and neck muscles severely limits the options for self harm. the only thing she can do above her neck is chomp down on her tongue and hope that she bleeds to death.

as an experiment i just tried applying gentle pressure on my tongue using my two rows of teeth and i must report that it is quite easy to do. of course you will have to possess the guts to endure the ensuing excruciating pain but i guess there are worse things in life eg lying in bed absolutely paralyzed except for movements of the eyes.

By hellfried Posted in Cinema

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