finally back from all my traveling. it has been a hectic last few days but at the same time quite enjoyable. when i arrived in kota kinabalu a few nights ago i was pleasantly surprised by the hotel that my sponsors have booked me into. a spacious room decorated sensibly and a queen size bed for my weary head. best of all, free internet!

the meeting venue, university sabah malaysia, was beautiful with a view of mount kinabalu on one side and the wide expanse of the south china sea on the other. the downside was that the air-conditioning in the meeting hall had a mind of its own and kept shutting off leaving us sweltering in the tropical heat. they only got it right on the last day of the conference.

what really bugged me (as it always does) is the waiting in the airports. hours and hours spent sitting around for something to happen. in airports we are always hoping that we are some place else. always on the cusp of leaving the present physical plane and hoping that the next place will be better. and of course it never is. more waiting in the next airport and the cycle continues. please, i beg you! someone invent teleportation!


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