big spender

why do some people lie about how much they have spent? does it come from some misguided sense of modesty? are they being overcautious and not wishing to advertise the fact that they have money to burn in case a would be kidnapper spirits them away in the night hoping for ransom? maybe it is so as not to insult the other person who is obviously just keeping his head above the poverty line.

at a conference i ran into an old college mate. after the obligatory exchange of inconsequential pleasantries he mentioned that his company had sponsored one of the foreign speakers. this was said very quickly and in retrospect he probably regretted saying it at all. we parted ways and the next day i spotted him again at the back of the hall. i asked him if the speaker on the podium now was the one he had sponsored. he said no. i did not push further and thought that maybe i have misheard. this was not so as a few minutes later into our conversation, he asked my opinion of the said speaker. i then asked him again if he had brought the man over and this time he said yes. what the hell?! all in the space of a few minutes. i excused myself and walked away. he has totally lost my vote of confidence this time.

the price of bringing this speaker over to another country is obviously considerable but i do not see how the lying helps. i am not in competition with this man from a monetary point of view and i have nothing to gain or lose by my knowledge of this ‘high profile’ investment. anyways the machination of the business world has always baffled me and this only proves my case.


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