the story so far

everyone has a story. we are all walking novels. life is a series of events like a string of pearls. each pearl is a chapter and the string is the printed pages. some people may remember a movie way back in 1988 called ‘working girl‘ in which melanie griffith earned an oscar nomination for her role as a lowly office worker who has a bright marketing idea only to have it stolen by her boss. there is one scene in the beginning that is the spark for this entry.

the story starts in a pre-9/11 new york city and it is the a bustling business day. you get a bird’s eye-view of throngs of people hurrying to work in the proverbial concrete jungle. the camera floats above momentarily and then swoops down and picks up the main character. at any one time you can pick a face out of the crowd and open up a brand new book. i don’t know that’s what the makers of the flick wanted to convey but thats what i got and for some reason thats what stuck with me all these years. the rest of movie i can’t really remember.

however mundane you may think your life is, to someone looking in, it may be one great epic novel. this and the entries preceding it reflects my life. hopefully someday someone may feel that he/she has been entertained responsibly by my blog.


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