real time – an experiment

I have been sitting in this gourmet coffee retail outlet for the past one hour and have to admit that I have been eavesdropping. I can’t help it. They are speaking really loud. A group of yuppies (its been along while since I have used that word) discussing market strategies and various business models. The bottom line : how to make money with the minimum breaking of sweat. One young man started to brag about how much moolah he makes doing direct sales. The others listen with fake attentiveness. The woman besides him try to cover the fact that she yawned.

The owner of the place saw fit to place an old clock on the wall hoping to give the joint a classy and authentic feel. The poor thing is being stifled by the ikea-styled furniture. Instead it looks like a long-tailed cat in a roomful of rocking chairs. A doughy looking woman saunters in and practical drapes herself across the cash counter. Putting on a painfully fake American accent she proceeds to um and ah her way through the ordering of a cup of coffee. She is obviously in love with the way she speaks. She flirts with the young and good looking guy manning the cash machine. He plays along recommending various condiments to accentuate her cup of coffee. she finally settles down at a table and stares into space.

The clock goes tick tock. Soft and easy listening provides a soundtrack to the whole scene. By this time the cold chocolate drink has chilled me to the bones. It has also left stains on my pants when I had absent-mindedly wiped my fingers on it. bathed in the alien glow of my ibook i type this.


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