in a city where the streets have no name

went to bed with a splitting headache last night at 9pm due to the previous night’s lack of sleep. wide awake now when the rest of the world sleeps. sitting at the desk of my cold and impersonal hotel room. internet access is at a premium but what the heck. cheaper than the place i was at last night which boasts free wifi but where you are obligated to buy an overpriced drink to validate the reason for you sitting there in the first place.

attending a conference which is work-related. will be travelling to another city after this and then back home on the evening of sunday. on thursday i am again flying out of town for a meeting. travelling so much is tiring. more so than actual working days. the constant waiting at airports. the queues, the wailing babies, women chattering incessantly during the flight. more waiting, the endless cups of coffee which can’t be good for me, the social code of inane greetings between people that you hardly know and people that you would be better off not knowing. its just exhausting. the only hope is that you run into someone whom you genuinely like and can relate to, who can share in your dismay at being in the present situation.


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