about 7 years ago i found myself thousands of miles away from home looking out across the wide expanse of the mojave desert. every where i looked there was just sand, rocks, desert fauna and sky. i realised then that it was the very first time i have seen such a wide open space without a single man made structure in sight.

for the most part of my life i have lived on an island and during my student days in a cosmopolitan city. nothing in my past experience had prepared me for the physical sense of space that i was swimming in. travelling in a bus a few hours later, i suddenly noticed that there were actually people making their homes amidst the barren landscape. dotted across the sands were little wooden structures with largely redundant fences marking out imaginary boundaries. i imagine territories are pretty much a vague concept around these parts although looking at the maps available i realise that 4 states actually saw fit to mark their borders across this hostile but beautiful land.

i wonder how it would be to get lost in this arid land without hope of getting to civilisation. would it be the perfect end?


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