years ago i watched an episode of the 1985 reincarnation of ‘the twilight zone’ which told of a man (played by a young bruce willis) who accidentally calls his own home number by mistake but then finds another version of himself picking up the phone. i still can remember the title as if it was yesterday – SHATTERDAY

the episode actually counts down to the final day of the title starting from someday, duesday, woundsday, freeday and shatterday. each day sees the alternative version of the guy going about righting the wrongs that the other half have committed in his lifetime and on shatterday the original protagonist disappears and we are left with the much improved alter ego.

if only we could renew ourselves this way. like a snake moulting to accommodate growth and maturation. rewriting all the wrong decisions that we have made thus far. changing lives for the better as we go along.


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