the friendly enemy

after many years i bumped into an old school mate of mine. believe me when i say there is no love lost between the both of us. in fact for sometime we were mortal enemies. ok i have to come clean with myself; he punched me once in the stomach over some adolescent argument. the world is such a small place. this time the table has turned some what. this time he needed my help.

in a movie this guy would have received his just comeuppance but this being the real world we had to put on pretences and conform to social norms and graces. and so we carried on as if nothing had happened. i don’t even know if he remembers the incident and even if he did he was not telling.
looking at the 2 of us you would have thought we were the best of pals. it would have been easy for me to bring up the fact and then rubbed his face in it. however against my baser instinct i proceeded instead to explain to him what needed to be done for his present predicament and even threw him an offer that i would help him in all my capacity. is it because i am a nice person? i do not think that is even half the story.

we are social creatures and we above all crave human contact. if i were to go around making enemies and propagating hate, i would probably die a lonesome death. at least there is the remote possibility that he may even attend my funeral. that wisp of hope is enough to stay my tongue and there lies the magnitude of my need for human interaction. even in death i need the assurance that the idea of me as a living person lives on and continue to touch other humans.


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