Sleep – Is it over rated?

For the past 2 months I have been having considerable problems getting my quota of 7-8 hours of sleep. Most nights end in frustration and I will crawl out of my thoroughly tossed bed and sit in front of the pc randomly surfing websites that I barely read due to the effects of sleep deprivation. Rarely I resort to taking allergy pills which carry a mild sedative effect and lately I have been downing a can of beer before going to bed. I can fall asleep alright after these measures but will wake up after 5 hours without fail.

Going to work after a restless night is no picnic in the park. Not that work is but you do not need to add another dimension of torture to the whole endeavour. The whole day I would be walking around with my own personal rain cloud hovering above my head and woe to the one who rubs me the wrong way on that day. A dull throbbing starts from the center of my forehead and radiates outwards until my whole head seems to be encased in cement. It is not exactly pain but a dull discomfort that stays with you througout the day.

The real reason behind this is beyond me. I have blamed work-related stress, coffee, interpersonal strive between workmates. Those are the easy targets. In fact recently I heard in a podcast that we as a society are sleeping less due to the astronomical rise in popularity in coffee drinking. We are over-caffeienated. I imagine the cavemen would have slept for half a day everyday during his lifetime and looked what happened to them; chased by blood thirsty reptiles and all the rigors of pre-historic life. Coming back to my point; I have cut down on the cups of coffee that I consume a day down to the one in the morning. Still not doing it for me.

I have tried to cut down on conflict at work but there is really no arguing with the sleep-induced bitch of a headache that has taken root inside your skull. Every situation no matter how mundane becomes a thorn in my side. A wound that has to picked at until it is all inflammed and oozing pus. I rip multiple new ones in my work acquitances and they reciprocate in kind. Walking home with a tattered, bruised and tired ego has become the order of the day.

Which way do I go now? How to capture that elusive deep sleep? You tell me. As for now my best hope is for that miserable 5 hours where I can forget my self and slip into the great beyond. Rock-a-bye baby indeed.

ps – this i got from wikipedia ‘Total sleep deprivation in rats leads to death in around 28 days‘. thought you might want to know.


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